Disabled Placard/ Plates

A TR-159 Disabled Placard and/or Plate Application must be filled out by a health care professional. 

What to bring to the tag office:

Military Plates

All honorably discharged United States Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard or Merchant Marine who have served at least 180 days and are Kansas Residents can qualify for a Veteran plate.  The veteran must be on the title in order to recieve a veteran plate.  The plate is available for auto, truck, motorcycle and RV trailers. 
US Veteran Tag  US Veteran Tag Motorcycle

To recieve a Disabled Veteran Plate, please fill out the application for Disable Veteran.

Application for Disabled Veteran License Plate

disabled vet tag

What to bring to the tag office to recieve a veteran or disable veteran plate:

  • Copy of DD-214 showing honorable discharge
  • Proof of insurance
  • Current Registration
National Guard Tag

Application for Disabled Veteran Plate

Any member or retired member of the National Guard can apply for the National Guard license plate.  The applicant must be a Kansas Resident.  Applicants may use their United States Armed Forces ID cards for proof of membership in the National Guard or a completed TR-129 application for a National Guard License Plate.  The National Guard plate is available to auto and trucks that are 20,000 lbs or less.  The National Guard member must be on the title of the vehicle.

TR-129 Application for a National Guard License Plate

Personalized Plate


Personalized plates for auto and trucks can not have more than 7 letters, numbers or a combination of letters and numbers.  Disabled and motorcycle can not have more 5 letters, numbers or a combination of letters and numbers.  Dashes and symbols can not be used.  Instead leave a blank space.   The charge for a personalized plate is $45.50.  Please fill out the personalized plate application and bring it to the treasurer office.

Education Plates


Drive with Pride!

Show your support for your favorite University

Benedictine college plate

Benedictine College Alumni
emporia state

Emporia State Alumni 

Fort Hays University Alumni
friends tag

Friends University Alumni
kstate tag

Kansas State University Alumni
KU tag

University of Kansas Alumni
Pitt State Tag

Pittsburg State University Alumni
Washburn Tag
Washburn University Alumni
Wichita State
Wichita State University Alumni

Cars and trucks with a gross weight of 20,000 lbs or less are eligible for a education plate.  Applicants must have a certificate from the university showing proof of payment to the Alumni Association and be a Kansas resident.  The first time you purchase a univeristy tag there is a $45.50 charge in addition to registration fees, property tax and tag fees.

With a $50.00 Tax Deductible Contribution to the KU Endowment, you are able to display your support to helping those with breast cancer and research to find a cure. 

Applicants must be a Kansas Resident who own passenger vehicle or light trucks that are registered for weight of 20,000 lbs or less.

There are two ways to receive your tag:

1st Option: You can pay your $50.00 tax deductible contribution to the KU Endowment directly by completing an online form.  Click here to get form.  Then present this form to your county treasurer to obtain your tag.


2nd Option: You can pay your county treasurer the $50.00 tax deductible contribution.

If you are within 6 months from your scheduled license plate renewal month, the required contribution will be prorated to $25 for the partial year. However, you MUST obtain a contribution fee payment certificate from KU Endowment in advance and you MUST present the certificate to the county treasurer when purchasing your plate.

If you would like more information please see the KU Endowment Website